WHD researchers are working on innovative solutions that make handwashing convenient and economical in areas without reliable piped water.

Early Intervention

WHD researchers are studying the health and developmental benefits of water quality, sanitation, hand washing, and nutritional interventions during the first years of life.

Urban Sanitation

WHD researchers are assessing household and community sanitation characteristics as risk factors for child clinical diarrhea cases.

Latest News

Carbon offsets flaw, disease risk reassessment, new paradigm for water treatment and more in WHD newsletter.
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Inspired by WHD

In first of WHD “alumni” profiles, we catch up with Mia Catharine Mattioli, the Domestic Activity Lead for the Environmental Microbiology Lab at the Centers for Disease Control.
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Rethinking Risk Assessment

Current methods of quantifying children’s exposure to diarrheal disease may be inaccurate, according to study led by WHD researcher Laura Kwong. 
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