WHD researchers are studying the health and developmental benefits of water quality, sanitation, hand washing, and nutritional interventions during the first years of life.

Urban Sanitation

WHD researchers are assessing household and community sanitation characteristics as risk factors for child clinical diarrhea cases.

Health Links

The links between water, sanitation, hygiene and health are intuitively obvious yet persistently challenging to document in a scientifically rigorous way. We work in the area of modeling health outcomes as a function of various water- and sanitation-related, socioeconomic and demographic factors.

Latest News

WHD researchers to discuss scaling up point-of-collection water disinfection at University of North Carolina Water Institute Water & Health Coference.
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Putting Good Health in Reach

How can people easily and affordably wash hands - and avoid disease - without piped water? WHD researcher Amy Pickering has an answer.
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Rethinking Risk Assessment

Current methods of quantifying children’s exposure to diarrheal disease may be inaccurate, according to study led by WHD researcher. 
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